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Will Genuine For Men™ work for me?

Yes, as long as you have existing "micro-hairs" for the fibers to connect to, Genuine For Men™ will work for you.

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What colors does it come in?

GENUINE FOR MEN comes in 8 natural hair colors. If your hair color falls somewhere in between, simply mix colors to match your natural look!

  • Medium Blonde

    Medium Blonde

  • Medium Blonde

    Dark Blonde

  • Medium Blonde

    Light Brown

  • Medium Blonde

    Medium Brown

  • Medium Blonde

    Dark Brown

  • Medium Blonde


  • Medium Blonde

    Dark Grey

  • Medium Blonde

    Light Grey

How do I choose my color?

The best way to choose the right color is to use your roots as the guide. Hair that is closer to the scalp generally is darkest and the best color choice.

How do I apply Genuine For Men™?

For best results, apply to clean, dry hair. Use a hand mirror to view the thinning area. Turn the bottle over and gently tap the applicator on scalp, allowing the applicator to make contact with your existing fine hair. While applying, move your hand in a circular motion until the thinning area is covered. It takes 2-3 tries to really master it, but once you do, it only takes 15 seconds to apply.Wash with shampoo to remove.

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    Apply to clean, dry hair.

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    Making contact with your scalp, gently tap in overlapping circles.

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    Use 2-3 quick pumps of hairspray to “lock-in” fibers.

Can Genuine For Men™ be applied to all kinds of hair?

Genuine For Men™ can be applied to all types of hair: straight, curly, short, or long and any texture; the same result is achieved time and time again.

Can I apply Genuine For Men™ to wet hair?

Genuine For Men™ must be applied to clean, dry hair.

What is Genuine For Men™ made of?

Genuine For Men™ fibers are made of all natural organic fiber calledGossypium herbaceumit is a type of cotton. The fibers naturally attach to your own micro hair. GENUINE FOR MEN will stay in place all day and wash out with warm water, shampoo, and gentle scrubbing. There are no harmful chemicals or additives.

I have very oily hair. Can I use Genuine For Men™?

Yes, use it when your hair has been washed with shampoo and is fully dry. Apply Genuine For Men™, then spray lightly with your favorite hairspray.

Can I use Genuine For Men™ with other styling products?

Yes, Genuine For Men™ can be used with any other styling products. Use the products as you normally would, not applying to the balding area. Then, apply Genuine For Men™ as directed.

Can I use Genuine For Men™ with a hairdryer, hair straightener, or hair curlers?

It is best to style your hair first then apply the Genuine For Men™ fibers as the last step.

How long will a Genuine For Men™ bottle last?

The Genuine For Men™ fiber comes in a 28g bottle, lasting from 30 to 60 days depending on your level of use

Will Genuine For Men™ fibers regrow my hair?

Genuine For Men™ is designed as a quick and easy way to enhance your appearance. It does not promote hair growth in anyway.

Do I need to use hairspray when applying the Genuine For Men™ fibers?

For all-day use, it is recommended to use any brand hairspray spray you like. We suggest using a pump rather than an aerosol, since you need only a small amount to do the trick.

Can a combination of Genuine For Men™ colors be used at the same time?

The colors can be mixed to achieve a desired look. It is advisable to start with the darkest color and apply the lighter color on top. However, this technique is rarely needed as using the darkest color alone will give a natural look.

How long will Genuine For Men™ fibers stay in my hair?

Daily use is recommended.

Can Genuine For Men™ be applied to a completely bald head?

Genuine For Men™ will not be effective for a completely bald scalp. The natural fibers need some micro hairs in order to attach. Please see the before and after pictures for a good indication of how little hair you need.

Does Genuine For Men™ cover gray or root re-growth?

YES, you can apply Genuine For Men™ to cover root growth. It blends in perfectly and will not be detected.

I am completely bald, can I use Genuine For Men™?

No, sorry. You must have some hair ( no matter how fine) on your scalp for Genuine For Men™ to attach to. Be sure to use sun block daily to protect your scalp.

How do I store Genuine For Men™?

Close tightly and store away from moisture when not in use.

Can I swim or take long strolls in the rain with Genuine For Men™ applied?

Genuine For Men™ is a styling tool much like gel or mousse, designed for easy daily use. It washes out with warm water and shampoo. It is undetectable and it protects your scalp from direct sunlight. As for the long stroll in the rain; we recommend investing in an umbrella.

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If for any reason, Genuine For Men™ fails to meet your expectations, simply return the bottle within 60 days of receipt for a prompt, courteous refund of your purchase price, minus shipping and handling.